The ICBC Motorcycle Road Test

Passing the ICBC motorcycle road test requires demonstrating good riding habits. You must be able to safely and confidently operate a motorcycle in various traffic situations. To prepare for and pass the test, follow these steps:

  1. Take a motorcycle riding course and/or study the ICBC Learn to ride smart book:
  2. Practice riding your motorcycle in traffic. The road test will be on busy city streets and residential side streets. Don’t just ride on the highway to prepare for your test because the highway portion is only a small part of the road test.
  3. Understand the Test Requirements. ICBC will mark you on 5 different testing criteria. These skills include observation, communication, steering, speed control and lane position/spacing.
  4. Make Sure Your Motorcycle is Safe. Check the tires, brakes, lights, signals, and horn. Also, be sure to know your hand signals for left turn, right turn and stop.
  5. On Test Day, arrive early and be sure to listen carefully to the examiner’s instructions. Make sure that you wear safety gear. Although ICBC only requires a helmet for the test, wearing full safety gear demonstrates your commitment to being a safe rider.
  6. You will be asked to do a u-turn on a side street. Make sure that you are able to do a safe u-turn without losing your balance on the bike that you are going to take to the road test.
  7. Stay out of HOV and bus lanes. If you need to turn into one, signal, shoulder check and get out of it as soon as safely possible.






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