Duffy Lake Loop

The Duffey Lake Loop is an exhilarating 650-kilometer ride that begins in Vancouver’s heart and traverses some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the province. This route is renowned for its steep switchbacks, hairpin turns, and challenging elevations, making it a sought-after adventure for experienced riders. The path offers a mix of thrill and beauty, with opportunities to explore quaint towns and witness local culture.

Starting north on the Sea to Sky Highway, riders ascend to Whistler before embarking on the Duffey Lake Road (Highway 99) through the Coast Mountains. This stretch is a picturesque ride featuring alpine vistas and glacier-fed lakes. Continuing to Lillooet and then south to Hope via the Fraser Canyon, riders are treated to views of the Fraser River, flanked by towering cliffs and narrow gorges. The journey passes through historic communities like Boston Bar, Yale, and Spuzzum, each with its own unique allure.

Completing the loop, riders return to Vancouver through the Fraser Valley’s lush farmlands. While ideally a two-day ride for a fuller experience, ambitious riders may choose to complete it in one. This loop promises a memorable ride, blending natural splendor with the thrill of the road.







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